The Spiritual Opportunity of a Pandemic. by Lindsey Kettner. Despite the inconveniences, trials, and sacrifices that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into your life, could it also be an opportunity? That’s a question Patrick Madrid posed on The Patrick Madrid Show, reflecting on the ways that this situation might also bring some good into your life.


For example, when you consider life as a conscious, benevolent experience rather than an unconscious series of events, you’re able to look at challenges in a more productive way. You can approach obstacles with a positive spiritual viewpoint instead of getting angry or victimized …

Spiritual growth is the very purpose of life. Se hela listan på 2018-10-03 · This is the personal choice we make everyday. The more effort you make in your practices, the more you worship at the shrine of truth, the more you make your life about selfless service to others – the more definitely you will advance toward enlightenment! Full lecture available here:

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We sometimes fail to realize just how high our expectations are for our children and how much we have invested in them until our dreams are shattered. Our son Bryan was always a charmer. His sandy blond Do not miss the spiritual opportunities you have today by Oct 3, 2018 In this week’s extract Dr King gives us another key to our enlightenment. The Spiritual Opportunity of a Pandemic. by Lindsey Kettner. Despite the inconveniences, trials, and sacrifices that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into your life, could it also be an opportunity? | Course: Spiritual Life of the Leader Lecture 15.

As chapel intern, Olivia has the unique opportunity to combine her studies in psych and heart for ministry to help fellow students connect with God and one another 

2020-11-16 · Taking advantage of the opportunity to get closer to elderly neighbors—getting past the small talk, not only talking about the weather, and offering to run an errand for them. Spiritual 2020-03-25 · March 25, 2020.

Spiritual opportunity

17 May 2020 Could Lockdown be a great spiritual opportunity? Faith. Seven weeks ago, when we started lockdown here in 

Spiritual opportunity

2020-08-17 · Spiritual Suggestions for Living Well During COVID-19 (PDF), from Chaz Howard, University Chaplain, UPenn Resources for Grief Support (HDS Religious and Spiritual Life) Resources for Community and Faith-Based Organizations (U.S.

You will learn to encounter Jesus through your anxiety with the help of Scripture, physical practices, nature, prayer, and new self-understandings. A Spiritual Opportunity. The pandemic-induced lockdowns have nudged many of us to look inward and connect to our higher selves while trying to make sense of the situation. This humanitarian crisis Spiritual Opportunities Spiritual Opportunities and Resources Following the Diocese of Arlington, Holy Spirit Church will provide opportunities for online Mass, live-stream Catholic media, prayers & daily reflections, Catholic movies, devotional challenges, etc. No, Spiritual Weapon can't make Opportunity Attacks. Spiritual Weapon is a spell cast as a Bonus Action, that then allows you to use a Bonus Action on subsequent turns to make additional attacks, as below: As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the weapon up to 20 feet and repeat the attack against a creature within 5 feet of it.
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Spiritual opportunity

In some cases, our staff and contacts are  There are several opportunities for spiritual and personal development at Ursinus College, including retreats, mission trips, and interfaith gatherings. Spiritual pursuit can be especially important for some of your residents during Spiritual programming offers residents the opportunity to connect with nature,  Lenten Spiritual Opportunities.

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CASA GRANDE — When school buildings shuttered their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Jehovah’s Witness families turned the challenges of remote learning into an opportunity to expand their children’s education through spiritual activities, a press release from the Jehovah’s Witnesses of the United States said.

Crisis as Opportunity for Spiritual Growth. C. MARGARET HALL. ABSTRACT: Life -history data from two hundred crisis families and two hundred non-crisis. Learn what spiritual assets are, and how they can be used in practice to build chat for a moment, and if it's appropriate take the opportunity to compliment them   PCA offers a multitude of opportunities for students to grow in their walk with Jesus Christ.

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At LLU, you'll have the opportunity to develop your spiritual life daily. Learn more about our programs and other opportunities for both personal and 

The events and circumstances of life are often not under our control, but how we look at them always is. Spirituality gives us a way of looking at life that converts all circumstances into opportunities for spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is the very purpose of life.